March 19, 2021

A Growing Problem…

Did you know the UK is the heaviest nation in the Europe? 64% of adults are now overweight this includes 28% of adults who are obese. This figure has doubled since 1990, when just 14% of UK adults were obese. Of course, the UK is not alone as 39% of the adult global population is obese. The huge financial cost (£6.1BL) on the NHS is due to the chronic health problems associated with being over weight. Heart Disease, Muscular Skeletal Disorder, varies types of cancers and depression. Brits tend to eat on the go, love takeaways and fizzy drinks! Supermarkets don’t help either with their food offers, they love us buying what we don’t need! Other countries in the EU with lower obesity spend more to tackle the issue (than the UK) which means we could do more. Covid-19 hasn’t helped as we’ve all essentially been locked up for the passed 12 months and have seen food delivery companies profits soars more than 60%. As a nation we are not active enough, as this has to change.

With restrictions easing and a road map in place, their has not been a better time to want to get out and be active in some way. Summer is coming and the future is bright.

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