April 18, 2021

Core Stability

Weak back and abdominals muscles can greatly affect your posture putting extra stress on your spine. Core muscles, as they’re known provide stability and support to all movements. Some people may think that your core is just the abs and back, but core muscles are all the muscles that attach to the spine. They’re called the ‘pillar’. It would be impossible to move your limbs efficiently and forcefully if they’re not attached to something solid and stable. That’s your pillar. All the muscles that connect your hips, torso and shoulders. When these areas are properly aligned, you can transfer energy throughout your body more effectively, so you’ll produce more strength and power with less fatigue. Without pillar strength, you will significantly increase the potential for injury in a chain reaction that starts with your lower back. By improving your pillar strength will help back prevent injury.

Exercises such as: Plank, Back Extensions, Bridges, Curls, Truck Twists, Side Bends and Sit Ups (to name a few!) will help improve pillar strength. Choose 4 -6 exercises and perform(2 – 3 x a week)15 – 20 reps / repeat 2 – 3 times. You can also add resistance as your strength improves.

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