Henry’s Fit Camps are an excellent way to improve and maintain your fitness levels.





Whether you are active or a complete beginner. These camps can be performed in or outdoors bringing you variety and a refreshing boost to your fitness training sessions. Work at a pace you can maintain, receive constant encouragement and expert advice, be motivated, inspired and have fun in a friendly social environment. Everyone can benefit from this form of training.




“I thoroughly enjoy Henry’s fit camp classes. He manages to find just the right balance between hard work andgood fun. I’m delighted that my level of fitness is improving week by week, because Henry is excellent at gradually providing greater challenges for us! I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys fitness training in a fun atmosphere” 

Pat Bryer – Langton Camp


Langton Green Village Hall

9:30 – 10:30 am

Course Dates

Sept 5th – Dec 12th*

£8 Standard course rate         £10 Pay as you go rate

*You can join the course at any point during the term and pay for the remaining weeks at the standard rate (4 weeks minimum).  

note if you join with less than 4 weeks remaining you will lose the option to pay the reduced premier or standard course rate

Before you take part in a class you will need to complete a profile form. Physique Fitness Training take exercise safety seriously so it is very important that you complete the medical profile form below and inform us of any injuries you may have before you start to exercise

Fit Camp PAR-Q Form (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) please download and print a copy