March 24, 2018

Lose 2 stone in just 10 weeks

For the people of Tunbridge Wells – Successful Diet & exercise plan


Physique Fitness Training provide health & fitness solutions for all. The latest offering is the 10 week diet & exercise plan. A comprehensive 30 page manual to successful weight management. Lose 2 stone in Just 10 weeks!


” I would to thank Henry for introducing me to the eating plan as I lost over 2 stone in just 10 weeks. But the best news for me is that I now have to knowledge and confidence to maintain a decent weight into old age. Thanks again, Henry.”




If you have the determination to follow my lead for the next 10 weeks you will be well on your way to a fitter healthier future. On my 10 week plan you will receive a personal program that you will be carefully guided through, allowing you to progress in a safe and effective manner. With my experience training hundreds of clients over a 20 year period I believe you have the perfect mentor

10 week Diet & Exercise Plan. A comprehensive guide to a healthier future.
“ succeed you must have confidence to have confidence you must believe…”



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