September 23, 2020

Manage your weight this autumn

Stay on track…

Lockdown has been a strange time for everyone, the last 6 months has completely changed our way of thinking. The sense of normality is a distant memory as we all yearn for its return. New rules, new regulations has brought disruption and frustration to us all.

We are all spending more time at home due to the restrictions, and as a result we can easily fall into the trap of binge eating to pass the time. A recent study has shown, over the past 6 months an increase in weight gain for over 45 percent of the general public durning lockdown. Uncertainty can increase stress levels and anxiety, causing hormone imbalances that store excess calories as you eat and drink more.  Regular activity at the appropriate level is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress, coupled with a healthy balanced diet, will not only provide you with vital nutrients and give you energy, but it will also help you to feel satiated reducing overeating.

Balance your hormones with the correct nutrition and find a successful solution to weight management. Work at your own pace completing a plan that’s easy to follow and see great results.

As we approach the end of the year, it’s the perfect time to start a fitness program so you can focus your mind, helping you to shape up and feel your best during uncertain times.


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