August 3, 2020

Mental heath

With the full easing of lockdown still uncertain many of us are faced with numerous challenges.

We may be able to see friends and family in person play sport or return to work within social distancing guidelines, but many of us may still find these longed awaited changes difficult on our mental health. The thought of coming out of lockdown when the ongoing scientific debate regarding the correct procedures, which at time seems confusing may also be worrying for those of us who are more at risk from the virus or living with mental health problems.  Regular exercise is a great way to help support and improve mental health and with the chemical changes that occur in the brain durning and after exercise that promote a good sense of wellbeing. Exercise should be high on your list of priorities.

With the recent government initiative to reduce obesity nationwide and get the nation fit, as being fit, healthy and your ideal weight greatly reduces the risk factors surrounding Covid-19. We all need to change the way we view physical activity to see it as something we should do (in the various forms to suit our current levels of fitness)  and incorporate activity into our lives because we value its positive benefits to our health and wellbeing.

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Fun workouts to boost mental health through uncertain times. If you’re still unsure about working out around others then videos sessions are still an option to stay in shape.


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