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10 week diet and exercise plan

Weight Loss Management is probably one of the main reasons why people begin to exercise. When taking part in any exercise program it is vital to understand the true nature and reasons for you starting your  program.This maybe for health reasons as a doctors referral, being informed that it is necessary to start exercising to avoid any future health complicationsor for personal reasons as you would like to shape up, look and feel great for a pending special occasion from months or years of inactivity. Understand your reasons, and this will give you the mind set, the desire to ultimately achieving your goal.

When you begin your exercise program nutrition will play a mayor role in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. It is essential to fuel your exercise activity, trying not to under eat as this will slow down your body’s metabolism storing body fat rather than releasing it.   Eating a healthy, balanced and varied diet from all food groups are not only good for maintaining a healthy heart but are also key to maintaining your ideal weight.